About Us

Our Mission & Vision

Kento-Boo Baptist Church exists for the purpose of Biblical teaching, the building of relationships, the accountability to God and brothers and sisters in Christ, and the developing of intimacy with God, with a view of reaching our world for Christ.

Our Core Values

We Value Kids


We value Kids, therefore we provide children’s and youth programs to strengthen the church of tomorrow.

We Value Evangelism


We value Evangelism; therefore, we seek to help individuals know Christ and live life in accordance with His will.

We Value Nurturing Families

We value Nurturing families; therefore, we encourage members to be involved in ministries that can best utilize their Spiritual Gifts.

We Value Training Believers

We value Training believers; therefore, we provide opportunities to strengthen marriages, homes, and individuals.

We Value Others

We value Others; therefore, we encourage members to fellowship with other believers and be involved in ministries that will strengthen their relationship with God and each other.

We Value Biblical Teaching

We value Biblical teaching; therefore, we are committed to teaching the entire Bible in a variety of settings with an emphasis on practical life application.

We Value Obeying God's Word

We value Obeying God’s Word; therefore, we encourage each other to become like Christ and please him in every way.

We Value Outreach to our Community

We value Outreach to our community; therefore, we encourage members to be involved in local missions.

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